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About Our Pile Cage Foot

Pile Cage Foot

Our Pile Cage Foot is a two piece product, once assembled, it is used to ensure concrete cover at the bottom of the Reinforcing Pile Cage.

Our Cage Foot Extention has been designed to extend the cover of 85mm, whilst maintaining it's impressive load carrying ability.

Manufactured under AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 guidelines, the Pile cage Foot is designed to withstand up to a 500 kilogram dead weight (85mm Cage Foot).

The design ensures freeflow of concrete.

Features of the Pile Cage Foot:
- Provides Concrete Cover of 85, 100 or 150mm.
- Manufactured from recycled materials.
- Simple assembly and push-fit installation.
- Suites bar sizes from 20mm to 40mm.
- Exceeds AS/NZS 2425:2015 200 kilogram load requirements.

Pile Cage Feet and Extensions are injection moulded using Black 100% Recycled Polypropylene. This is our contribution to rid the world of plastic waste. Our recycled raw materials are quality checked on a regular basis and only the best recycled materials are used.

Pile Cage Foot Codes and Load Limits
Product Code
Product Name
Load Limit
85mm Cage Foot
500 kgs
100mm Cage Foot
200 kgs
150mm Cage Foot
250 kgs
100mm Cage Foot Extension
500 kgs
150mm Cage Foot Extension
500 kgs

Minimum order 100 units

Pile Cage Foot Dimensions
Product Name
85mm Cage Foot
100mm Cage Foot
150mm Cage Foot

Pile cage foot & pile cage

Suggested Usage:
*** Total cage weight must not exceed "Number of feet per cage x Load limit", for example       1000 kg cage requires at least 5 x 100mm Cage Feet.
*** Higher loads can be achieved by using a 85mm Cage Foot, PLUS a 100mm Cage Foot       Extension.
*** Consideration needs to be given to the possibilty of UNEVEN ground where some Cage       Feet may be over loaded.

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