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External Vibrators

Rebar, Mesh and Construction Supplies (Pty) Ltd distributes a wide range of BRECON electrical external vibrators. BRECON external vibrators are based on decades of experience in vibration technology.

The criteria is quality and reliability.

We will help you to find the right solution for your application. You can choose between low or high frequency external vibrators, mobile or permanent installation, synchronized solutions, almost any voltage and frequency or DC (direct current) operated vibrators.

Our goal is to improve your product and minimize your costs and production risks by using the most reliable External Vibrator on the market.

You will find an overview of our standard external vibrators, accessories and control equipment in our BRECON Catalogue. You will also learn, in which industries BRECON is active and see examples of the wide variety of applications for external vibrators.

For customized products and more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

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The BRECON vibration technology can be applied to the following areas by attaching the external vibrator to the unit:

  • Concrete is poured in moulds and vibrated to let the trapped air escape and to consolidate the concrete. 
  • Bulk solids like sand, cement, lime, carbon, cereals etc; which are stored in silos or other bins, have to be set in motion by vibration, so that they can become loose and flow properly from the bins. 
  • Vibration of bulk material is necessary for the conveying of solids on conveyors. 
  • Bulk material can also be sieved on sieving screens by vibrating the material. 


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Low frequency external vibrators (500-3.600 r.p.m)

Low frequency industrial vibrators generate larger amplitudes combined with small, medium to very high forces. Since they can be connected directly to the main power supply (50 or 60 Hz) they do not require a frequency converter or control. That makes them useful for a wide range of applications in all industries.

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High frequency external vibrators (6.000 - 12.000 r.p.m)

BRECON high frequency industrial vibrators generate amplitudes from 6.000 rpm for standard wet-cast applications, up to 9.000-12.000 rpm for specific requirements.

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Pneumatic external vibrator

Pneumatic vibrators are especially suitable for areas with high explosive risk. Pneumatic vibrators are connected via a high-pressure hose system to a central compressor which supplies a constant air pressure.

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SLIM2-mobile external vibrators

Quick-release-vibrators are used wherever many moulds exist, but where each individual mould is used only rarely. The new SLIM2 quick-release-vibrator by Brecon is characterised by a reduction in weight of up to 25 % and outstanding handling.

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Synchronous external Vibrators

BRECON has developed and is the only manufacturer of synchronously running external vibrators. Unlike the standard asynchronous vibrators where the slip between rotor and stator causes each vibrator to run with a different speed, all BRECON SL vibrators rotate with exactly the same revolutions per minute.

mobile vibration systems.jpg

Mobile external vibration systems

The ideal solution to maximize the number of vibrated forms while minimizing the equipment. BRECON’s mobile solutions allow you to move the vibration equipment from form to form.

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DC external vibrators for universal use

The BRECON DC external vibrators are widely used on all kind of applications on trucks. If it is concrete boom trucks in Dubai or salt spreader trucks in Canada, the BRECON DC vibrators do their reliable job.

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Hand held external vibrators

The BRECON hand held COMPACTOR consolidates the concrete through the outside surface of the wall. The large board transmits the compaction energy in a wide area. In addition areas like the space underneath a window opening or corners can be compacted without any problems.

BRECON tampers.jpg

BRECON tampers - The first choice tool for precise compaction

The BRECON Tamper is made to fulfill the highest requirements when it comes to precise compaction combined with durability in rough work places like foundries. Compacting small surfaces of refractory materials in Foundries is the major use of the BRECON Tamper.

The Tamper is light and easy to handle. The proven design assures a powerful compaction while reducing transmission of the vibration to the operator. The quick tool change combined with various accessories provides a very flexible and accurate work result.

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