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About Our Diamond Dowels

Rebar, Mesh and Construction Supplies (Pty) Ltd t/a RMCS supplies a Diamond Dowel System which is a modern and innovative way to balance and control shear load transfer at the joints of concrete slabs.

Diamond Dowels

Acceptable floor joints can only be achieved by using a concrete dowel system. Originally the installation of joint systems for warehousing or industrial flooring was completely ignored, or the systems installed did not work as they should. By not installing a proper and acceptable joint system, there is a very high probaility that joints will deteriorate as soon as the slab settles or as soon as weight is transported over the joint.

Problems with joints are usually a huge problem, specifically where industrial floors are concerned. The solution to the problem is to install the RMCS Diamond Dowel System.

It normally takes very little extra effort to install the Diamond Dowel system, resulting in huge benefits in the long run.


Diamond Dowels Diamond Dowels Diamond Dowels
     Reuseable base or insert                    The sleeve                   The steel diamond plate

These components are sold individually or as a complete set.

Installing the RMCS DIAMOND DOWELS only takes a few steps:
1. Screw, nail or rivet the plastic re-usable base plate to the formwork.
2. Install the triangular sleeve over the reusable base or plate.
3. Pour concrete for the section where diamond dowels have been installed.
4. Before the adjacent concrete is poured, insert the steel plate into the sleeve.

The reusable base or insert, must always be cleared of concrete from the previous use, before reuse.
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